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List do Host-Rodziny

Postanowiłam umieścić mój list do host-rodziny. Jest tu troche wiecej informacji o mnie. Natomiast sam list może będzie inspiracją do napisania własnego listu, oczywiście pomijając moje błędy w angielskim ;)

Dear Future Host Family,

First of all I want to thank you for consideration. I would like to introduce myself that you could know me best. My names is Malgorzata or short - Gosia. I live in eastern Poland in small village which calls W...... My province is very beautiful, especially because of nature and a lot of greenery. When I am here I riding bike and skateing. I like spend time here but I don't have too much opportunity. For a long time I was living in Lublin where I was studying. This place have advantages too. I could meet there a lot of my friends, doing something interesting for example participating in the dancehall lessons or capoeira lessons. I really like it. I don't like be bored, quite the countrary I like when a lot of things are happening.

I'm ambitious person. I like to know as much as it's possible to be the best with doing everything I do. I have graduted clinical psychology. I am interesting in psychology generally and I am happy that I choosed that faculty. I was studying about human development. I had to work with child to check it's school maturity. When I was studying I was participant of scientific club and I was coordinator of collection money for children who live in orphanage. We bought gifts for children at Christmas. In our club we was organizing a lot of meetings with psychologist and students. Last year I decided to go to post-graduated pedagogical studies to get more informations about working with children. Among others things I got to know there a lot of games and plays for children. What is compared with this studies, I had practice in primary school where I was working with children with special difficulties with studying. In the same school I was working as an volunteer because I got to know that there is a lot of children who needs help. For me it was good experience because I didn't know that child could have that kind of problems with studying but also with it's family. I was very happy when my teaching was effective.

My second passion are another cultures. I don't have favorite one. I like talking with people from another countrys about their live and customs. If we know this it is better to come alive through cultural schock when we are living in new country. I have to tell that I saw this when I was visiting my family in USA and I was studying english where was many foreigners from different countrys. Because of this I started to study portuguese and french. I was free listener on the University. Especially I like portuguese and I wish I could some day visit Brazil and Portugal to hear "real" language.

As you can see my interests shows why I want to be an au pair, what certainly interests you. I like spending time with children and see how they study new things and would like to know better new culture. I also would get more independence because it is very important for me. Other things which could help me in my future live is studying english what is really necessary on this time. All that experiences and knowledge could help me be good with my future work as an psychoterapeutist.

What could help you with better knowing me: I am punctual person who can work hard if it is necessary. I am obliging and flexible. I can listen people. I am also sensitive person who likes people with their advantages and disadvantages. I am patient and tolerant. I don't like to argue because I think that quiet conversation can solve the problem. What I think is very important some people who don't know me good think that I am shy and first impression could be that. In free time I like to read good book, riding bike, skating, also swimming. I like to spend time with my fiends who knows me the best. Listening music relax me, I really enjoy it. If I have opportunity I like try something new as a capoeira. I like also studying languages. I think that you got to know the most important things about me and it could heps you making decision.

I would be glad if we could meet. I hope to hear from you.


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  1. eee Ty sie wcale taka shy nie wydajesz :D

  2. jes, aj em rili szaj :P

  3. rili rili? :D aj dont beliw ju :D